FRAN: 8K, VV, Global Shutter, Raw, Programmable

Develop your own plugins or c++ OpenCv based app

Fran 8K Plus allows you to take benefit of OpenCv arquitecture features like object recognition and stabilization among others.

How this works ?

Fran 8K Plus camera has been designed with an open software arquitecture based on OpenCV that allow you to write your own code or use third party code to achieve features to do some actions based on image on screen.

You can put the cam in pointing to the start line of a race track, and then based on shape and color, identify each car driver, and then you can shw a display showing their name.

You can put Fran 8K plus in a road to watch how many cars exceed the speed limit, and then, for those speedy drivers, zoom into car registration label and send a screenshoot to some webservice.

You let the camera on a watch see bay, and, if some boat larger than usual boats passes at some time, do something..

Same with the sky, stars, flight, people, etc.. just any thing
Define some parameters like shape, percentatge dimension, speed, color, similarity with some predefined pics, etc.. and set your own actions.
OpenCV is an entire world, just search on internet for more info.

Frank 8K plus comes supplied with sample code examples. User can load custom apps from sd card slot.