FRAN: 8K, VV, Global Shutter, Raw, Programmable


> Editable

Compatible with Win / Mac std. tools

Typical Workflow

REC & optional incamera encode

Fran can record, depending on resolution and framerate, in either pure raw files (bayer) or rgb debayer ones, as well as to post process the raw bayer to lossless formats like png or dng.

Format Use Case

Recording res. Preview Native rec. & preview Optional post process
4K to 8K color RAW (bayer) conversion to png, or dng
4K & below color RAW (bayer) conversion to png, or dng
4K & below color Debayered Prores or DNxHD

In-Camera Debayer & Post

Any time you can let the camera to process the internal raw bayer files to be converted to debayered ones, output file .png with a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1
You can also let the camera to encode up to 4K debayered files to Prores or Avid DNxHD.

This in-camera conversions takes some time, but can provide some benefit in case and depending of storage space or post-production hardware.
If you have many Fran M.2 media drives it is a recommended workflow to do not any optional post process in camera, so you just simply change the media drive once full, and then you use your own studio to do any conversion needed on the raw (bayered or debayered) files.

If you have limited media and/or you must record too much time and/or you dont have enough power post processing hardware, then you can let the camera to process the raw files and convert to either png, dng or prores or DNxHD and then you simply use this conversions on your favorite NLE. In this case you must have additional time for the camera to make conversions, at your desire as for when to start the conversions.

We achieved to produce a camera to record at the maximum quality a human can see, in fact this is a pure image, the one with no compression. This way, Fran by default records at maximum quality as possible, with a reasonable size, as 8K is recorded as raw bayer files, like a 3:1 the size of a debayered file, so user get images at one third of space, while having maximum quality, and optionally can get the outputs -in a post-rec-process stage- in lossless files, like png, or lossy clips like Prores.

Backup, optional Encode & LOAD

Once a drive is full you can:

Backup Use Case

change drive Pros: you keep original files and loose almost no time
Backup to TB3 drive Pros: You have a backup. TB3 is really fast
Backup to USB 3 SSD Pros: You have a backup. SSD USB 3 are fast


You can load all kind of Fran files to your computer: bayer raw, debayered, png, dng, prores, dnxhd

You can let your computer to edit / load the files from the backup external drive (TB3 SSD, USB3 SSD) to save more time and avoid copy / or move and paste to your computer drive/raid/array.

NVIDIA Encoder

Optionally, Fran files can be encoded to any Fran format on a NVIDIA powered computer running windows (planned MAC OS) using Franenc (encoder based on the popular Cinemartin Cinec encoder). This allow conversions at realtime speed, and adds HEVC encoding capabilities.

Grade, EDIT

Use your favorite software to grade and edit Fran files. Fran files are compatible with almost any software including but not limited to


Master and deliver your work.

You can use Cinemartin Cinec or Cinemartin Master Bundle to convert to almost any pro format including: Prores, DNxHD, H.264 and H.264 from virtually any output file from almost any NLE, or directly from Adobe Premiere & After Effects.